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We develop and design great apps for mobile and web. By focusing our efforts on the fusion of design and engineering, we aspire to create useful products that support our customers. We are a team for hiring that is driven by making life better, one app at a time.

Parking BiH

iPhone app that helps user pay parking ticket via SMS. With several taps you can create registration plate, search for your zone and pay parking ticket. Registration plates and last selected zone are saved to ease up following payments. App covers whole Bosnia and Herzegovina and stores licence plate numbers with description.

Bullion Investor Calculator

Precious metals prices monitoring app. App displays current values of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium). It has a cool tiny calculator that calculates amount of metal times current price. There are also metals purity and switch from oz to gramms, and vice versa. And last but not least, price history (monthly and hourly).


Dopuna is an utility app developed at HappyBoar that helps predefine SMS message for sharing credit among your friends, family, employees... It supports two major Bosnian telecommunication networks: MTEL and BHTelecom, and in future releases we plan to add HTEronet. User has the option to add and select his friends, family, employees as contacts and easily select options for credit sharing.

Pakao Radio (Hell Radio)

Pakao Radio (Hell Radio) app is Rock'n'Roll radio station that brings fine tunes to not so pinkish listeners. If you like that hard sound Pakao Radio is perfect fit for you. App works even when your phone is locked. After pressing play button, app buffers half minute of song making the sound continue even after internet interrupts.

Banja Luka College

Propelerac app is an app made by students for students. It helps new students to learn more about the Banja Luka College, studying plans, curriculums, exams and much more. There is a list of all professors with their contacts, news parsed directly from colleges website and radio station that plays fine college tunes.


iPad app that helps manage Driving school. App has three types of users: system administrator, administrator (of driving school) and instructor. Instructor can add students, give them grades, change their info, monitor their progress... He can add new events, or see events from other instructors... and there is a drawing section, if he cant explain something to his student, he can draw it!

Why would you hire us?

We are young, experienced and motivated development team that loves to bring beautiful and fully functional apps to the App Store. We know how to build products that can scale to your business' needs, no matter if you are a startup, an enterprise, or any other organization.


Every iPhone user loves apps that are fast, reliable and secure. We integrate all those features into our apps, making sure they are in accordance with Apple standards. We achive that by being up to date, following trends and blending elegant design and sophisticated engineering. We identify new ways to serve and support people by uncovering their needs, behaviors, and desires.


Users love gorgeus design and intuitive user experience. We love taking thta ideas and turning them into real apps. Our apps bring familiar user experience and lovely design. We cover whole process from making prototypes and design, to designing logos, and preparing metadata for the App Store.

Parking BiH

Bullion Investor Calculator


Pakao Radio

Happy Boar Team

Mirko Babic

Mirko has been developing iOS applications for several years now and has over a dozen of them under his belt. He truly enjoys discussing client's idea, developing the idea into a living app and watch it shines on the App Store as a result of their collaboration. He has worked for a few companies and several clients worldwide. Apps were made for companies and clients from USA, GB, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently he is employed for Austrian company "Oroundo GmbH" making sweet beacon based apps.

Milica Marjanac

Milica holds bachelor degree in architecture but she now shifts her energy to digital aesthetics and front-end development. Milica is passionate about aesthetics and tries to make every design more beautiful and combine it with the magic of the tech. Currently she designs user interface for mobile applications, creates design for web sites and dabbles with JavaScript. With architectural background she is happy that paradigm: "form follows function" is widely used and necessary in creating design for mobile which suits her minimalist taste.

Jelena Cvokic

Jelena is mathematician turned Swift iOS Developer. She strives to learn something new about iOS development every day, because she thinks there is always room for improvement. She holds Bachelor degree in Mathematics and Informatics from the University in Banja Luka and is excited to be a part of a great team so she can share her knowledge and learn from them.

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